Who are we?

Let me explain who we were before I can explain who we are now.
Back in the century before last grandpa Alexander was both a good engineer and an even better businessman. He connected the world together. Ma lived on for many years. She invested some of her good tidings and help bring us good stuff like computers and operating systems.
In the end of the last century, Ma was taken aback by some of her offspring and proteges growing up to be smarter and more beautiful than she. She turned that offense into action and our Uncle had to call her to task, hobbling her in divestiture. Ma's parts where packaged and distributed as independent companies.
We have spent many years of awkward marriages and divorces and insolvencies of these various parts. Various investors tried to squeeze as much out of the bodies as possible and leave the dried out relics to fend for themselves.
We are one of the minor pieces that survives because we serve a necessary purpose, Directory Assistance. We have been bought and resold more times than I can count. We are trying to figure out how to put food on the table in the Internet world and beyond.
I would truly like to give you an answer to who we are now, but by the time I write it I'm sure it will be out of date. As for this site, we have a thing of value, which is declining in the old world. This site is one attempt to find some appreciating value in the new world. Just remember one of the mantras of the new world, if you perform a useful service and people use it, good thing will happen.
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