Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Privacy Policy?
Who.SCalling is a tool to find public information from the directory. The Who.SCalling Phone App Pricay Policy.

Can I search in Canada?
No. Right now we are only supporting the US. We plan to add Canada and some of Europe soon. Please tell us about your needs.

I'm not there!
You can add yourself to the directory by going to

I'm confused.
Well. We can offer you help with the operation of our site via email at Please be specific and add some screen shots.

Nothing works!!
We have a "responsive" site that relies on JavaScript. If you have JavaScript turned off on your browser, a lot of stuff won't work. Your JavaScript is turned off. Please turn it on.
We also have some features, such as scrolling through multiple page results, that relies on session cookies. If you do not accept session cookies, then certain features of our site will not work. You do NOT accept session cookies

I have a suggestion to make it better.
We welcome suggestions. Please send your ideas to

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